Building ADS-B Multi Feeder

Since the Sep11 incident the ADS-B system was born… and with USA mandate all aircraft to be ADS-B enable for air worthiness navigation tracking purposes… So the start of the community project in memory of those who have parish in the disaster… we strive to serve the community by becoming one of the ADS-B feeder contributor to help our world to be a safe place… as air transport is of today’s prime mode of travelling globally… so goes the start of… Building ADS-B Multi Feeder… Easy Way…


My tiny contribution is by building a $35 receiver / feeder. I used a rpi zero w, and a very cheap usb stick. The ADSB receiver project was all I needed to start uploading my feed to adsb-exchange. I was amazed that it worked right away! I’m a real noob on the adsb subject, so still trying to figure out how it all works, and how to do a multi-feed.

the range is limited to about 150km to 250km max, but for $35 that is good enough for me!
I got the usb stick from here: