Having trouble with some graphs under the web portal

Running portal version 2.7.2 on an ancient Asus laptop with an AMD C-70 processor. I’m having some trouble with the graphs on the “Performance Graphs” page of the portal. The CPU temperature, wlan0 bandwidth, and some disk IO items are not showing up. The image files the page references do not exist, and since I’m not intimately familiar with collectd or rrd (been out of Linux for a bit, trying to get back into it) I’m not really sure where to start hunting for the cause of the issue. The only one I’m really interested in is the CPU temperature, as this oddball little processor seems to like running at obscene temperatures (77°C/170°F!!!) even with a load average of < 0.60.

Any insight you can provide or pointers in the right direction are greatly appreciated!

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For reference, my system graphs page shows just the IMG tag alt text instead of the images. Attempting to open the image file results in a 404. Checking the file system on the computer shows no file with that name or anything close.