Maybe separate the portal from the project?

I have over the past month or so focused a lot of my free time towards bettering the portal which at this time is part of the project as a whole. I have been looking back through requests made within the issue tracker during this time as well as other offerings being made within the community. I am contemplating the following and looking for feedback.

It is near set in stone in my mind the portal should be separated making it capable of residing on what I would hope would be any device with software capable of generating JSON data conforming to that which most forks of dump1090 generates. What this means is not only offering the portal as part as the project as a whole but also as a separate entity.

Doing so would include at least at this time a couple major changes.

  • The portal itself will become it’s own project and reside in it’s own repository separate from the installation scripts.

  • At the same time the portal should be able to collect data from more than one source and display said data appropriately.

This change should not have any major impact upon the project as a whole except for the fact an additional repository will have to be cloned and the installation and configuration be scripted into the project once separated.