Node.js and ACARS

Quick update on what I am working on.

First off after running into big performance issues with my recent take on maps to be used in v3 which was a huge set back I decided to rework things a bit and go with a portal driven by node.js. This does set back my release schedule but I think the wait will be worth it. I have rethought what the portal should be. Should it be specific to a particular receiver receiving and processing only ADS-B? Why not try to add support for multiple receivers receiving not only ADS-B but also UAT.

dump1090-fa support
I have been digging into this quite a bit and should have a solution pushed to the master branch shortly for those having issues building the bladeRF libraries.

I got my J-Pole built! However, my mast has suffered a soon to be catastrophic failure in the form of a crack in it’s lower section. I am going to have to save up a few pennies and either invest in a proper mast or head back up to the Depot for another fence post and guy wire. Once the repairs are done and the mast is able to support a J Pole tuned to receive the ACARS frequency I would like to add installation support as well as ACARS support to the portal.

Anyways that is where the project stands at the moment.

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thanks for the update Joe.

Just waiting on a SO239 mount as soon as I get it I can get the antenna mounted and get to work on it.