Oh dear...... thats a pity

Thought I would install your scripts on a spare unit , just for old sakes… this error:

signfile dump1090-fa_3.7.2_armhf.buildinfo
gpg: skipped “Eric Tran eric.tran@flightaware.com”: No secret key
gpg: dpkg-sign.S1kl4BZ9/dump1090-fa_3.7.2_armhf.buildinfo: clear-sign failed: No secret key

dpkg-buildpackage: error: failed to sign .buildinfo file

Entering the dump1090-fa build directory…
Installing the dump1090-fa package…

dpkg: error: cannot access archive ‘dump1090-fa_3.7.1_*.deb’: No such file or directory

Checking that the dump1090-fa package was installed properly…


The package “dump1090-fa” could not be installed.

Dump1090-fa setup halted.

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I’ve seen a similar error mentioned in other Issues (recent: 530, 529), but many, and their corrections, seem to be dated to around v3.6~ and/or strictly address this occurring with Dump1090-mutability

Even when altered with current version numbers, the listed 'workaround’s for this do not solve the issue-- at least for -fa
NOT an expert in this level of scripting/installs, but I’m thinking the failure likely has to with Issue# 531, where Mutability states:

dump1090-mutability is no longer maintained; please don’t use it for new installs. For new installs and ongoing development, try dump1090-fa

and also lists a possible workaround to use outdated files in this script- a change I didn’t try because my target has always been FA. It seems everything is being passed over to, or managed by, FlightAware now.

I could never get the script to execute past dump1090, so I installed PiAware and Dump1090-fa IAW FlightAware’s Instructions, then ran the adsb-receiver script. It recognized the installs, asked if I wanted to update (downgrade) dump1090-fa, [NO], and continued on successfully with everything else.
“Success” - but not sure dump978 is being routed correctly yet - FA also has a dump978