Share the glider?

Is it possible to add a program to decode and share the gliders?

You mean PiAware 3.7.1 UAT978 decoder?

I mean this Is it the same of uat978?

It seems like using custom frequency…

I’m using odroid xu4 and i don’t know why, the binary for the gliders doesn’t works (it give me some kind of exception). So, I compiled the source code here and used compiled version of ogn-decode (it is not open-source). and i got it working with the position of many small gliders , airplanes and some baloon.

About uat978, is it used in europe?

UAT978 is light aircraft “tcas” in U.S. and Canada… in Europe they use 868.3 MHz under FLARM protocol. Somebody must make some changes because the data format is absolutely another. Changing the frequency is then only a game for your youngest child :wink: