Someone needs to open the ball

Title says it all, someone has to be the first one …

Waiting patiently V3 :slight_smile: :airplane:

Was hoping to have an alpha of the portal available during the week this week but apparently my OpenLayers skills are not as good as I thought they were. When adding the portal to a busy receiver the performance went to heck.

Anyways, before I started to lose my cool I had to take a short break from the portal. I decided to work on a fork adding the ability to build a .deb package to the dump978 project which I am hoping to push to the main dump978 repository soon. Rest assured I will be back on the portal optimizing the layers possibly as soon as tonight.

BTW thanks for getting the ball rolling!


that’s the fun part, learning new things :slight_smile:

Once you have some details and the alpha out, it’ll become more busy down here and you’ll be able to hop over to change your mind.

Apparently I was out of the mix a bit and just discovered there is a FlightAware fork which allows you to build a dump978 package. :slight_smile:

Anyways onward and upwards! Learned a lot in the mean time.

On to map layers and a new performance graph ideas.

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