Working on ACARS and additional UAT support

Sadly I thought I was close to a v3 portal release any day now but after hooking things up to my personal receiver I encountered some performance issues. These issues were major enough that at this time I would not feel comfortable offering the portal in it’s current state to the public.

I need a break from JavaScript and maps API’s so in the mean time I will be working on the scripts for a bit. The weather has been getting more bearable in Ohio so I went out to Lowes today and pick up some copper pipe for an ACARS antenna. I also have a new homebrew UAT antenna I have been meaning to put up as well. So during this break I will be doing a bit of “physical” work putting up the new antennas as well as “scripting” work putting together an ACARS script as well as a script or two for receiving UAT.

As far as ACARS is concerned, although it is near worthless for positioning it is something I have setup in the past, at least SatCom wise, and might be interesting to others. I will be working on adding support for receiving both satellite and over the air ACARS when I get to this.

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Joe, have you looked at dumpvdl2 on github? It decodes ACARS messages as well as VDL.

Will look into it. Got my SO-239 mounts in the mail on Monday. Just need to solder up the antenna and get it up in the air this weekend weather permitting.